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General PBX Info

Subsea solutions specialist based in KL. Multinational company that develops Polymers, Syntactic and steel technologies mainly for oil and gas industry.


Due to the customer’s relations with oil & gas industry field, they require a lot of inbound and outbound calls. Customer opted for a local internet broadband provider for internet consistency.

Then, we replace their existing IP PBX system to a new IP PBX to handle more call loads. To save cost, our professional team is able to re-configure the customer’s existing IP-Phone to adapt to the current network. We have also enabled IVR and intercom to ease their daily business operations. IVR will be able to handle the first wave of calls before redirecting the calls to the designated employees. Intercom will allow employees to communicate effectively and save time without having to go over to the other person’s location. This is useful for them as their premise area is big.

Future Enhancement

Similar to other growing companies, more employees will join the company as it expands. The IP PBX we suggest is scalable to accomodate their future company expansion. Customer can purchase and setup additional Yealink phones or any IP Phones anytime according to their needs.

A group of professional Financial Advisors based in Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur focused in helping clients to achieve their financial goals through holistic end-to-end financial services.


The nature of the company’s business requires their employees to maintain constant communication with their customers on finances updates. Therefore, we helped them to setup a call center equipped with call recording to improve their business communications and operation support services. Apart from that the call center will be receiving inbound calls from banks about their latest financial products. Call recording feature will help

Future Enhancement

By installing an IP PBX and a POE switch, the company’s call services can expand further in future, when more support resources is required. The IP PBX can support up to 30 lines, therefore the company just have to add additional phones to the network to accommodate a larger customer support or sales team.

Agriculture service provider HQ based in Petaling Jaya, appointed by multinational company to promote and support the sales of plant protection products to plantation customers in Malaysia.


To handle a large amount of inbound and outbound calls at a lower rate, they subscribed to national telco provider. Also due to customer’s request on using analog phones, we recommended Panasonic phones. Apart from that, we also suggested them to use wireless Yealink phones that connects to the network via USB dongles. This would allow customer to have better coverage in a big premise that has less ports.

Future Enhancement

The IP PBX we suggested to them is scalable. As the company expands, they may need more resources to operate. They can easily add in more IP phones for additional employees.

Penang based online food ordering and food delivery company was in search of a VoIP solution to maintain communication efficiency between own company, delivery riders team, customers and restaurants.


To handle the delivery company’s huge client base, we suggested them to use a high-end IP PBX that can handle 100 users and 30 concurrent calls. They will be able to save substantially on phone bill when making many calls to restaurants to place food orders. Also, having the capacity to make multiple calls at the same time increases their delivery operations efficiency.

Future Enhancement

As food delivery sector demand increases over time, the delivery company can opt to scale up the IP PBX to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls without having to do a major VoIP setup. With the upgraded VoIP system, they can handle more customers and make more calls concurrently. Thus, improving efficiency and increase company revenue by bringing more business.

A Malaysia-based company who owns a used-car sales platform was looking forward to bridge the gap for its multiple local (Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru) and regional offices (Thailand, Indonesia) with their customers. The car dealer company also wants to setup a call center as well to cater to their huge client base.


We introduced them to use 1 high-end IP PBX, 1 regular IP PBX and IP Phones. By connecting the IP PBX to VoIP trunks, the online used-car dealer is able to make free interbranch calls for all of their multiple offices located in Malaysia and abroad. Besides that, the car dealer company also saves cost when contacting customer’s local fixed phone line and mobile with the newly setup call center.

As a prominent dental clinic, their customer base is increasing by day. Thus, its inevitable there will be communication issues with customers and they want to record all their phone calls.


AlienVoIP suggested them to install VoIP PBX and a IP Phone to allow them to record all of their calls. All calls will be stored in the VoIP PBX’s external storage (SD Card).

Future Enhancement

We did recommend them to install an IP Phone in each room so dentists or the assistants can directly call to reception. This will save them time without having them walk to and from the reception to ask for documents or patient details.

PABX (Private Automated Branch Exchange) is an automatic telephone switching system used by organisations.

It connects the internal phone extension to the PSTN through trunk lines. Telephone, fax machine and modem can be incorporated in the PABX system. This system come in different sizes and can be placed at the subscriber’s site.

The first generation of PABX starts with manual switchboard. From switchboard, it slowly switches to analog version and then to digital version. The latest PABX is known as IP PBX. IP PBX deploys IP phones by connecting to the companies’ data network. IP PBX is able to make outgoing call via data network to another destination and this is known as VoIP calls.

Some of the common features of PABX include Automatic Call Distributor and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The Interactive Voice Response will process and manage incoming calls and then direct the calls to designated extension. Other capabilities of PABX include outbound dialling protocols which supports autodialing, progressive dialling and predictive dialling.

With PABX system, communications between departments and branches are easy and cost saving compared to having external phone lines connected to every phone in the organisation.

They are different from the key system as for key systems users will select the outgoing lines manually. As for PABX system the phone system will do this automatically.

PABX system is affordable. Companies need only pay a low monthly fee to enjoy this PABX system. The system used to be very expensive back in the days and requires on-site physical equipment and high maintenance. With affordable PABX system nowadays, small companies remain competitive business world as they can enjoy what the huge companies enjoys in communication part, as they don’t require huge investment to use PABX anymore.

Modern PABX, which is the IP PBX, offers more advanced features at lower cost to its users compared to its digital version. The main reason is their better integration with the data communication that improves the business operation and flow.

Although more companies are using PABX system in their company communications, some features such as the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) are sometimes being criticised. Some if this criticism includes that the IVR is not efficient enough as it fails to meet the caller’s need and results in some companies prefer human response rather than the IVR features. Companies will need to see what PABX features that is suitable for their companies and what features are not when it comes to choosing a suitable PABX system.

Companies can maximise the security of their PABX system by changing all default password and pin. Besides this, avoid using weak pass code, and change the password on regular basis.

The IP-PBX system begins by transmit calls over the Internet. Data are transferred in data packet over the network. When the data are received at the recipient’s site, it will be translated into traditional calling format which are then connected through standard phone lines. IP-PBX system come with standard telephone feature, where additional features can be added when needed as the organisation grows.


A basic IP-PBX system will include an IP-PBX server, SIP or VoIP phones and a VoIP gateway. The IP-PBX server has a similar function of a proxy server. The SIP or VoIP phones can be hardware phone or soft phones. A softphone is software that allows user to talk through VoIP and has interface which allow user to dial numbers on the screen.


The most important part of the system is the IP-PBX server. VoIP clients will register SIP addresses with the IP-PBX server using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) system. This system maintains a database of the clients and their addresses.


When user makes a call, the server will determine whether it’s an internal or external call. Internal calls will directed to the SIP address of the phone while external calls will be directed to VoIP gateway. The organisation may use its own VoIP gateway or use their service provider’s gateway to link IP system with the PSTN. The VoIP gateway then connects to either analogue or digital lines.

IP-PBX is a complete telephony solution that sends and receives calls through data network using Internet. Organisations are not required to interrupt and change their existing communication infrastructure to use IPPBX.


IP-PBX is an electronic switchboard that receives and manages the calls such as routing, holding and forwarding calls that arrives over the Internet. User of IP-PBX can have the choice to have a fully automated attendant or a human receptionist to route incoming calls to internal IP numbers and extensions. IPPBX is entirely digital software based. The hardware purpose is to merely run the program and to transmit the data. IP-PBX is easy to maintain. In a hosted IP-PBX, the maintenances are handled by the provider of the IP-PBX system.


Since it doesn’t require a huge investment to install IP-PBX, it allows and aids small and medium enterprise to run more effectively with this complete system.


IP-PBX also provides a flexible and scalable solution. The upgrading of the solution such as adding of user, lines and extensions are flexible according to the organization’s growth. IP-PBX can connect the user to other end user of the organisation all around the world, and it can handle multiple simultaneous calls.