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Yealink Microsoft Teams

Yealink Microsoft Teams

Workplaces have changed dramatically in recent years. People’s working styles have become more flexible and dynamic, necessitating the use of appropriate technology to boost company interactions and collaborations. Yealink creates a complete variety of device solutions that allow all types of professionals to work the way they want, anytime, anywhere, by partnering with Microsoft and being the first company to supply Teams certified desk phones for Microsoft Teams on the market. Conference phones, desk phones, speakerphones, and headsets from Yealink are available for Microsoft Teams and may be used in meeting rooms, the office, or on-the-go.

All the devices bring a premium audio experience to users by featuring Optima HD Voice, Yealink Noise Proof Technology, and full-duplex speakers. The ability to join a meeting with a single touch is included, as well as a premium video and audio experience. To ensure a consistent Teams-tailored user experience, products are Teams-tailored and designed with embedded AI technology, so all it takes is a single touch to activate Cortana for Teams.

With Yealink, devices come from a single vendor at the right price point to meet your budget and needs. Furthermore, global assistance is available to accommodate customers of all sizes.


Voice and Video Device for Microsoft Teams

SIP-T58A for Microsoft Teams

SIP-T58A for Microsoft Teams

Entry-level desk phone for office workers

CP900 for Microsoft Teams

CP900 for Microsoft Teams

USB/Bluetooth speakerphone for huddle rooms and on-the-go

CP960 for Microsoft Teams

CP960 for Microsoft Teams

Conference phone for huddle rooms, mid-and large-sized meeting rooms

Teams Rooms System

For Microsoft Teams, Yealink’s high-quality video portfolio is future-proof. With the support of a 17-year top-tier one-stop UC device solution supplier, these Teams-powered video devices with native experience can enable our joint clients realise the goal of Intelligent Communications.

CP900 for Microsoft Teams


Full-duplex technology is supported by Yealink speakerphones, ensuring that your calls sound great on both ends. Yealink speakerphones feature wideband audio, acoustic echo cancellation, and Optima HD Voice for crystal-clear sound.

Desk & Conference Phones

Microsoft Teams has recognised Yealink’s desk and conference phones as the first. The devices are embedded with Teams phone application which provides a consistent user interface as well as calling and meeting features from Microsoft Teams. These solutions provide familiar iconography and operational procedures, as well as high-quality displays for Microsoft Teams users. These solutions help to address the current workplace’s communication needs as well as the ever-changing UC market.

yealink headsets


Need to work on a variety of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and desk phones? Yealink Headsets provide users with the ability to connect a variety of devices, as well as an exceptional set of functions that allow you to connect and communicate smoothly and intelligently.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The Yealink BYOD meeting kit is a low-cost video and audio system designed specifically for small and huddle rooms. This meeting kit optimises the user experience by allowing you to have all types of UC meetings, including Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, and more, with just one cable. It can also charge a laptop via a Type-C cable, ensuring that your laptop lasts as long as possible.


USB Cameras

Yealink’s all-in-one (AIO) USB camera, microphone arrays, and speaker are all combined into a single device to offer an elegantly streamlined audio-video meeting endpoint, combining a highly small design with the rich camera capabilities. This attractive device is easy to use and adaptable enough for work, home, or school thanks to USB plug-and-play functionality, built-in Wi-Fi module, and extensive applicability with mainstream video conference platforms.

Collaboration Bar

In tiny and huddle rooms, an all-in-one video device that incorporates everything you need for seamless video collaboration. Even in small settings, the strong video and voice experience is properly launched. The Yealink video collaboration bar provides a cost-effective solution with the greatest experience for your video conference with simple plug-and-play for a speedy kick-off.