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What is an IP-PBX?

IP-PBX is a complete telephony solution that sends and receives calls through data network using Internet. Organisations are not required to interrupt and change their existing communication infrastructure to use IPPBX.


IP-PBX is an electronic switchboard that receives and manages the calls such as routing, holding and forwarding calls that arrives over the Internet. User of IP-PBX can have the choice to have a fully automated attendant or a human receptionist to route incoming calls to internal IP numbers and extensions. IPPBX is entirely digital software based. The hardware purpose is to merely run the program and to transmit the data. IP-PBX is easy to maintain. In a hosted IP-PBX, the maintenances are handled by the provider of the IP-PBX system.


Since it doesn’t require a huge investment to install IP-PBX, it allows and aids small and medium enterprise to run more effectively with this complete system.


IP-PBX also provides a flexible and scalable solution. The upgrading of the solution such as adding of user, lines and extensions are flexible according to the organization’s growth. IP-PBX can connect the user to other end user of the organisation all around the world, and it can handle multiple simultaneous calls.