VoIP Provider


Manufacture Marine Mechanical PBX System

Subsea solutions specialist based in KL. Multinational company that develops Polymers, Syntactic and steel technologies mainly for oil and gas industry.


Due to the customer’s relations with oil & gas industry field, they require a lot of inbound and outbound calls. Customer opted for a local internet broadband provider for internet consistency.

Then, we replace their existing IP PBX system to a new IP PBX to handle more call loads. To save cost, our professional team is able to re-configure the customer’s existing IP-Phone to adapt to the current network. We have also enabled IVR and intercom to ease their daily business operations. IVR will be able to handle the first wave of calls before redirecting the calls to the designated employees. Intercom will allow employees to communicate effectively and save time without having to go over to the other person’s location. This is useful for them as their premise area is big.

Future Enhancement

Similar to other growing companies, more employees will join the company as it expands. The IP PBX we suggest is scalable to accomodate their future company expansion. Customer can purchase and setup additional Yealink phones or any IP Phones anytime according to their needs.