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The security that comes with being able to control who comes into your building along with the ability to verbally and visually confirm their identity is immeasurable. Akuvox’s Video Doorphone system enables you to easily monitor an entrance door or gate and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your facility is more secure. It alerts you when the bell is rung and lets you see and speak with visitors from your smartphone, from anywhere.

A typical door phone intercom system consists of a camera mounted outside the entrance, a speaker and microphone mounted inside the building, and a control unit that manages the communication between the two. The camera captures a live video feed of the person at the entrance, which is then transmitted to the speaker and display inside the building. The person inside can then see and speak with the person at the entrance and can remotely unlock the door if authorized to do so.

Door phone intercom systems are commonly used in residential buildings, apartment complexes, office buildings, and other facilities where controlled access is needed. They provide an added layer of security and convenience, allowing residents or employees to easily grant access to authorized visitors while keeping unwanted visitors out.

video doorphone system

Doorphone Intercom System Advantages

doorphone intercom system security

Improved Security

A door phone intercom system provides an added layer of security by allowing individuals inside the building to verify the identity of visitors before granting them access to prevent unauthorized entry.

doorphone intercom system convenience


A door phone intercom system can make it more convenient for individuals inside the building to allow authorized visitors access without having to physically go to the entrance.

doorphone intercom system remote access

Remote Access

Many door phone intercom systems offer remote access capabilities, allowing individuals to communicate with visitors and grant access from their smartphones or other mobile devices.

doorphone intercom system weather


This door entry units are made of sturdy materials. They are designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures, heat and bad weather. Protect against rain, heat, dust, and dirt.

Akuvox R29S Facial Recognition Doorphone

Akuvox R29 is a SIP video doorphone with a 7” touch screen, which performs AI-powered offline facial recognition for door access. It is typically used in apartment buildings, high-rise office buildings and building complexes. It is one of the most advanced door entry systems on the market. It is equipped with almost all existing means of access. It features facial recognition to allow a person to enter without even touching the system, mobile unlock, QR Code to generate temporary access, a virtual keyboard to manage PIN codes, RFID, BLE, NFC (Android), and more.

akuvox r29s facial recognition doorphone

akuvox r29s exceptional user experience
Exceptional User Experience

  • Easy-to-navigate touchscreen UI
  • Searchable directory with audio guide
  • Customizable information unique to your business
  • Navigation options for visitors, delivery people and service providers
akuvox r29s communicate with your visitors
Communicate With Your Visitors

The connected video door entry unit allows you to see who is ringing your doorbell at home even if you are away. When a visitor rings the doorbell, you will receive, on your Akuvox indoor console, your smartphone or tablet, a push notification or a call alerting you to the presence of a person. You will be able to see who the visitor is in HD and wide-angle as well as talk to them. The door entry unit can of course be used at night thanks to its night vision.

akuvox r29s access your video door entry
Access Your Video Door Entry

The IP connection allows you to stay connected 24/7 with the images transmitted by the video door entry unit. The 1080p camera provides you with high definition videos to see who is walking up to your front door directly from your smartphone (iOS or Android compatible) or from a tablet. Integrated infrared LEDs provide quality night vision in all circumstances.

akuvox r29s interact remotely with visitor
Interact Remotely With Visitor

The two-way audio link allows you to chat live with the visitor. The video door entry unit has several relays that you can activate remotely from your smartphone, such as facial recognition to allow a person to enter without even touching the system, mobile unlock, QR Code to generate temporary access, a virtual keyboard to manage PIN codes, RFID, BLE, NFC (Android) and more.

Akuvox R20A SIP Video Doorphone

Akuvox R20A Video Intercom with Card Reader is a compact intercom with a 120 degree wide angle camera. The R20A also supports RFID reader for secure key-less entry for added convenience of residents.

Palm-Size Doorphone, Akuvox R20A is specially designed for narrow spaces and is available in both on wall and in wall mountable versions. It can works as a standalone unit or can be integrated with IP Phone Systems for extra functionality.

  • Wide-angle camera: Horizontal 120º, Vertical 65º
  • PoE (IEEE802.3af, Power-over-Ethernet)
  • Two-way audio communication over IP networks with Echo Cancel feature
  • Complies with SIP standard for easy integration in every SIP capable PBXes
  • Complies with ONVIF standard for easy integration with any network surveillance system
akuvox r20a sip video doorphone

A compact intercom with camera & card reader for small spaces

akuvox r20a ideal for limited space

Ideal for Limited Space

With a space efficient design, it can be installed in places where most door phones cannot go.

akuvox r20a premium speech quality

Premium Speech Quality

Visitors can enjoy crystal clear audio communications as if conversing face to face.

akuvox r20a easy access control

Easy Access Control

With a 13.56Mhz RFID card reader, it can works with almost any cards.

e12w sip video doorphone

E12W Single Button SIP Video Doorphone

E12W is a single-button SIP video door phone for all types of front doors, be it houses, apartments, or condos. Despite a slim body, it boasts many cutting-edge features, such as mobile access and wireless communication. Akuvox E12W Wi-Fi Doorbell Intercom is a trendy unit which is suitable for small / narrow spaces. Akuvox E12W comes with integrated Wi-Fi module enabling quick and easy installation without requirement for cabling. It also supports key-less entry via integrated card reader.

Akuvox E12W Wi-Fi Doorbell Intercom supports integration with Akuvox range of intercom monitors and Smartplus cloud intercom service.

Application Scenarios:

  • Office door phone with on-site or hosted IP-PBX
  • Remote site entry over Internet
  • Apartment or flat intercom with door access control

Compact, Stylish, and Versatile – Perfect for Every Front Door!

e12w sip video doorphone mobile access

Mobile Access

E12W caters to the on-the-go lifestyle of modern living by offering users cardless and touchless smartphone-based access via Bluetooth and NFC, which is a more convenient and safer option for users.

e12w fit outdoor environment


IP65 rating, high UV resistance, and a wide working temperature range from -40°C to +60°C protect E12W against rain, heat, snow, dust, and dirt.

e12w sip video doorphone easy deployment

Easy Deployment

Supporting communication over WiFi, E12W only requires a power connection for setup. Moreover, with a slim body, it can go to most installation spaces, even a narrow door frame.

e12w sip video doorphone answer door anywhere

Answer Door Anywhere

When E12 is connected to the Akuvox cloud, residents are able to see and talk to visitors and unlock doors for them whether they are home or away.

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