VoIP Provider

IP PBX 3CX Phone System

IP PBX with 3CX Phone System (PBX) Server Configuration

Step 1 :
Below are the settings that worked. The first step will be to make sure the provider is registered.
1 sip server configuration ip pbx
2 sip server provider registration setting ip pbx
Step 2 :
Then, proceed to the settings in the first General tab (Provider Capabilities & Registration Settings).
Step 3 :
After completing the General Tab settings, please go to the “Configure Advanced Options” tab. As you can see, we have disabled some options at “Provider Capabilities”. Please take note of the assigned codecs. Set “ilbc” as the first codec, then followed by G729.
3 sip server advanced options ip pbx
4 sip server connections tb ip pbx
Step 4 :
Go to “Remote Connections” and you should see that the status is registered
Step 5 :
Next, go to “Outbound Rules”.
5 sip server outbound rules tb ip pbx
5 sip server outbound rules 2 tb ip pbx
Step 6 :
The rule sends any call starting with 0 to Alien VoIP. It’s a simple rule to test the route.
Step 7 :
Lastly, you should make sure that your extension is registered.
6 sip server extension status tb ip pbx