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IP PBX Wireless Telephone Service

Useful Features of Wireless Telephone Service

Communication plays a very important roles in a fast moving business. IP PBX makes business communication easy. IP PBX wireless telephone service has many sophisticated features with excellent interface.

  • Find Me/Follow Me
    IP PBX provides a great flexibility for businessman and those who are always on the go. User can redirect their incoming calls to designated numbers such as their handphone, home phones or other personal numbers.This allows the staffs to stay connected to their office all the time.
  • Auto Attendant
    The auto attendant feature manage the incoming calls efficiently. The auto attendant will greet the caller with recorded message and will then direct to other extension according to the responses given by the caller using an option menu.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    Interactive Voice Response is sometimes also known as Auto Attendant. It is an automated way to greet and interact with your callers through IP PBX wireless telephone service.
  • Live Person Answering
    IP PBX also provides live person answering features. This features allow calls to ring to a specific extension or group first. Any member of the group can pick up the call.
  • Automatic Call Distributor
    This features supports the call center environments. With this feature, calls can be distributed in many methods such as All Agent Ringing, Round Robin, Random Hunting, Longest Idle and etc.
  • Auto Ring Back
    This feature allows calls to be returned.
  • Call Waiting
    This features alert the receipient that there are incoming calls in the current engaged line. This allows the receipient to hold the current call and pick up the second incoming calls.
  • Call Park
    This features allows a call to be put on hold at a specific extension so that it can be resumes by staff at another phone. This staff can then pick up and resume the call. If no one pick up the call at the destinated extension, it will then pass back to the original extension.
  • Call Blocking
    This feature allows user to block selected numbers from coming in. This call screening features helps in avoiding unwanted calls.
  • Conference Call
    This feature allows caller to talk to 3 or more parties using one connection.
  • Group Hunt
    This feature allows caller to find available extension among a group of extension within IP PBX wireless telephone service. The caller will try each extension until an available extension is reached.