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Installation Charges
Cabling & PABX Configuration

RM 0.13 per minute
RM 0.11 per minute
Follow Rate Table
90 days
RM 25 per number
RM 30

Min RM 100
RM 2

RM 0.12 per minute
RM 0.10 per minute
Follow Rate Table
180 days
RM 25 per number
RM 100

Min RM 100
RM 6

RM 0.11 per minute
RM 0.09 per minute
Follow Rate Table
180 days
RM 25 per number
RM 300

Min RM 100
RM 15

RM 0.10 per minute
RM 0.08 per minute
Follow Rate Table
180 days
RM 25 per number
RM 500

Min RM 100

Call Features

  • Caller ID
  • Call Paging & Intercom
  • Call Forward
  • Call Pickup
  • Music on Hold/Transfer
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Hold
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Queue
  • Call Recording
  • Three-Way Conference

System Capacity

  • 30 Concurrent Calls
  • Up to 100 Extensions
  • 1024 MB Onboard Flash
  • Recording(GSM): 8500 min
  • Voicemail(GSM): 8000 min
  • Support FTP server

The AlienVoIP A400 can support up to 4 PSTN lines. All PSTN lines will be connected to A400 IP PBX via the telephone cable (RJ 11 connector), while all IP-phones will be communicating with A400 via local network with network cable (RJ45 connector).

A400 IP PBX Features

  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing Number)
  • Conference Room
  • Automated Attendant
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Responses)
  • CDR (Call Detailed Record)
  • Phone Book
  • T.38 Fax (pass through)
  • Up to 30 concurrent calls
  • Up to 100 extensions
  • Call recording
  • IP-Phone provisioning
  • 4 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports selection
  • Stackable and scalable

Download: Price List | Datasheet

Price: RM1299

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Yealink SIP-T19P

  • 132 x 64-pixel graphical LCD
  • 1 VoIP Account
  • Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC
  • 29 keys including 4 soft keys
  • Voicemail, Intercom
  • National language selection, Local phonebook
  • Auto provision via FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS
  • Integrated PoE, Headset, Wall-Mountable

Download: Datasheet

Price: RM220

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Recommended PBX Setup for Office

Note: Click image above to view clearer.

Setup IP PBX in Company A Scenario

Company A with 5 employees has one incoming number on a single SIP trunk from IP PBX bundled service provider.

24 Port POE Switch

  • No external power cabling needed
  • Reduce network congestion
  • Realise data conversion POE Switch
  • Basic switch function
  • Support POE power supply
  • Complies with IEEE802.3af & at standard
  • Each POE port provides max 25.5W
  • Compatible with wireless AP, IP camera, network remote equipment supply
  • Plug and play
  • Low cost and high performance

Price: RM1990

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Yealink SIP-T21P

  • 132 x 64-pixel graphical LCD
  • 2 VoIP accounts
  • HD Voice: HD Codec, HD Handset, HD Speaker
  • 31 keys including 4 soft keys
  • Voicemail, Intercom
  • Localized language, Local phonebook
  • FTP/TFTP/HTTP, PnP Auto-provision
  • PoE, Headset, Wall-Mountable

Download: Datasheet

Price: RM280

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New Office

PBXs used to be a business luxury that only huge companies could afford. With IP-PBXs emergence, medium-sized and even some small companies can also benefit from the features and functionalities of a PBX while using VoIP. Although you have to invest in hardwares (software included), the return and benefits will be considerable in the long term, both operationally and financially.

IP PBX Maintenance & Installation

With the rapid improvement of telecommunication, we aim to provide a cost effective solution to our customers. Save anywhere between 30% to 60% on your monthly telecom bills. Providing best telecommunication equipments for SME including installations of IP-PBX to leverage on the internet telephony advancement.

SIP Trunking & Discounted Calls

Coupled with VOIP from our brand AlienVoIP.com, we not only provide you with the IP-PBX installation, but we provide a one stop solution including installation of Hybrid VOIP system to leverage on the power of broadband. Hybrid VOIP system will include both traditional telephone system and VOIP system, switchable to maintain connectivity and highest quality while gaining lowest cost possible.

Welcome to pbx.com.my

We are a PABX telephone system provider and solutions integrator. We have been providing affordable solutions to multinational and local companies, small to large businesses/offices, SMEs within Malaysia.



Thanks to the resourceful engineer who came over and solve our problem. With the old IP PBX gone, we are much more efficient now!

Mr. Chong


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