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Yeastar ITSP Partner

SIP Trunk and Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX & Cloud PBX are now well compatible!

AlienVoIP SIP Trunk Service Yeastar Official ITSP Partner and Supported PBX Provider

Setup Softphone with IPPBX

By creating an Caller ID in your registered AlienVoIP account, you can just make or receive a call anywhere through any of your devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows. Besides that, you can also create multiple Caller ID or phone line with one account in AlienVoIP.

AlienVoIP Softphone App

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR is a standard feature included in IP-PBX, with IVR, you can get your IP-PBX to redirect the call to proper extensions, or proper department.

Interactive Voice Response

Branch to Branch Call, Transfer, Attendance

With IP-PBX, you can transfer calls to different branch, for example a person in KL can transfer call to person in Penang. Also, you can set your IP-PBX to automatically ring to Penang if KL person incharge is not available.

Online Support & Maintenace

By IPPBX, we are able to help you with remote support. For example, you may need to reconfigure ringing sequence, your IVR, your new IP-Phones, and etc. Without travel to your place, we can remotely access the IP-PBX from your computer with your permission through “TeamViewer”.

Our experience, almost 99% of problems or requests can be satisfy via remote support. Compare to traditional technician, your business are running smoother.

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Phone Extensions are Scalable

With IPPBX, you can easily add new extensions without adding new cables, new extension cards, and do not need to hire a technician on site. IPPBX can work with your current network, eliminating the needs to pulll new cable.

The IP PBX can scale to support to 100 extensions or more without adding any physical ports or cards. Even better, you can login and add extensions yourself, or contact us to do remote login to help your settings.

Reduce Cabling and Save Cost

Reduce cabling, save cost, go for IPPBX. With IPPBX, you can use your current Local Area Network cable or WiFi for your telephone. So, immediately, you save 90% telephone cabling cost. IPPBX can be connected to Internet or isolate.

Wireless CCTV

Providing you the best range of CCTV System such as Wireless CCTV WiFi Kit IP Camera. Run your business with confidence using wireless CCTV to prevent theft. Stop worrying about theft and vandalism while you’re away.

Package included:

  • 1 x NVR
  • 4 x IP Camera
  • 1 x USB Mouse


  • LCD Recon Monitor
  • 3.5″ 1TB Hard Disk
  • 4 Units Fake Camera

RM899 per Set

Price: RM1299

with Installation (T&C Apply)

IP PBX 3CX Phone System

IP PBX is now working with 3CX Phone System to make installation, management and maintenance of your PBX so easy that you can effortlessly manage it yourself, whether on an appliance or server at your premise or in the cloud.

Strength of Our System

Strong Support


We are providing 7 days / week limited support (online & phone) in Malaysia. Most of the time, about 90% of IP-PBX problem can be solve via online support. To the contrary, traditional PBX cannot avoid on side support.

We have strong development team, we develop and customize according to our customers need,contact us now!

AlienVoIP SIP Protection

Our AlienVoIP SIP server is governing our customers from VoIP hackers. Our clients are protected with:

Preventing high damage if compromised

IP Address Firewall
Preventing outsiders to access to the server

Preventing brute force attack from VoIP hackers

Country Limit
Country limit unless requested to prevent calls to unintended country

Brute Force
Same number brute force

So, our SIP and IP PBX customers have a peace of mind. One stop solution. With many hardware to choose from. We have IP Phone, IP PBX, analog pbx, and a range of telecommunication hardware to accompany your needs.


  • DID Number
  • Conference Room
  • Automated Attendant
  • IVR
  • CDR (Call Detailed Record)
  • T.38 Fax (Pass Through)
  • Up to 20 Concurrent Calls
  • Up to 100 Extensions
  • Call Recording
  • IP-Phone Provisioning
  • 4, 8, 16 Ports Selection
  • Stackable and Scalable

Price: RM1699

Info: Datasheet

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System Capacity

The AlienVoIP A420 can support up to 4 PSTN lines. All PSTN lines will be connected to A420 IP PBX via the telephone cable (RJ 11 connector), while all IP-phones will be communicating with A420 via local network with network cable (RJ45 connector).

24 Port POE Switch

  • No External Power Cabling Needed
  • Reduce Network Congestion
  • Realise Data Conversion POE Switch
  • Basic Switch Function
  • Complies with IEEE802.3f & at Standard
  • Each POE Port Provides Max 25.5W
  • Support POE Power Supply
  • Low Cost
  • Compatible with Wireless AP, IP Camera, Network Remote Equipment Supply
  • Plug and Play
  • High Performance

Price: RM1499

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Yeastar S20

Price: RM 1099

Yeastar S50

Price: RM 2399

Yeastar S100

Price: RM 2799

Yeastar S300

Price: RM 5699

Yeastar IP PBX Series

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Yealink SIP T21P

Price: RM 229

Yealink SIP T41S

Price: RM 479

Yealink SIP T23G

Price: RM 379

Yealink SIP T27G

Price: RM 569

Yealink IP Phone Series

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Hion Call Center (FOR600)

Price: RM 149

Mairdi Binaural Noise Cancelling

Price: RM 179

Monaural Call Center Headset

Price: RM 198

YealinkHeadset YHS33

Price: RM 169

Call Center
Head Set

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Price: RM 89


Price: RM 59


Price: RM 299


Price: RM 239

Panasonic PBX Phones

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e-Leave HRM Hardware Catalogue


WiFi Fingerprint Attendance Terminal


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Standalone Fingerprint Attendance Terminal


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U are U Fingerprint Reader


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Airtime AlienTalk 50 AlienTalk 100 AlienTalk 300 AlienTalk 500 AlienTalk 1000
Free Credit NIL RM2 RM6 RM15 RM30
Prepaid Credit RM50 RM100 RM300 RM500 RM1000
Additional Call Minutes
Malaysia Mobile / minute RM0.10 RM0.09 RM0.08
Malaysia Fix Line / minute RM0.10 RM0.09 RM0.08
Worldwide Rate Follow Rates Table
Credit Expired 1 Year
DID Number Optional RM30 per number (min 6 months subscription)
Installation Charges Minimum RM100
Cabling & PABX Configuration Excluded

*Prices are subject to SST

Call Features

  • Caller ID
  • Call Paging & Intercom
  • Call Forward
  • Call Pickup
  • Music on Hold/Transfer
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Hold
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Queue
  • Call Recording
  • Three-Way Conference

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POE Switch

No. Item Price
poe switch 8 ports POE Switch 8 ports RM 299
poe switch 24 ports POE Switch 24 ports RM 1499

Head Set

No. Item Price
rj-9 Hion FOR600 RM 149
rj-9 YHS33 RM 169
rj-9 Mairdi 308 RM 179
rj-9 PQD Cable RM 198


No. Item Price
a401 A420 RM 1699
yeastar-s50-ip-pbx Yeastar S50 RM 2399
Yeastar S100 RM 2799
Yeastar S300 RM 5699
Yeastar O2 Module RM 299
Yeastar EX08 RM 299
Yeastar D30 DSP RM 1099
Yeastar EX30 E1 RM 2599


q708T23GRM 379q708W56HRM 439

No. Item Price
Yealink T19 IP Phone T19P RM 209
t21p T21P RM 229
q708 T27G RM 569
q708 T29G RM 829
q708 W60P RM 609
q708 A708 RM 280

Best Local PBX Provider and Installer for Office

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New Office and
Call Center

PBXs used to be a business luxury that only huge companies could afford. With IP-PBXs emergence, medium-sized and even some small companies can also benefit from the features and functionalities of a PBX while using VoIP. Although you have to invest in hardwares (software included), the return and benefits will be considerable in the long term, both operationally and financially.


Maintenance and

With the rapid improvement of telecommunication, we aim to provide a cost effective solution to our customers. Save anywhere between 30% to 60% on your monthly telecom bills. Providing best telecommunication equipments for SME including installations of IP-PBX to leverage on the internet telephony advancement.


SIP Trunking and
Discounted Calls

Coupled with VOIP from our brand AlienVoIP.com, we not only provide you with the IP-PBX installation, but we provide a one stop solution including installation of Hybrid VOIP system to leverage on the power of broadband. Hybrid VOIP system will include both traditional telephone system and VOIP system, switchable to maintain connectivity and highest quality.