VoIP Provider

Postpaid Plan

AlienVoIP Postpaid Plan

AlienBiz 100 AlienSave 250 AlienSave 800
Monthly Subscription RM100 RM250 RM800
Free Minutes
(Malaysia Nationwide & mobile)
1100 3200 11000
Additional Call Minutes RM0.09 / min RM0.08 / min RM0.07 / min
AlienVoIP to AlienVoIP call Unlimited Free Calls Unlimited Free Calls Unlimited Free Calls
Free Features
DID Number RM25 / number
(minimum 6 month subscription)
RM15 / number
(minimum 6 month subscription)
FREE 1 DID Number
(RM30 for subsequent DID Number)
VoIP Lines 4 Lines 8 Lines 20 Lines
Postpaid creditspurchased is applicable for local call and international call via:

  • Mobile VoIP App
  • Softphone
  • IP PBX

Branch to branch call is free of charge for VoIP postpaid plans.
Terms and Conditions

  1. Prices are subject to 6% SST
  2. Minimum 12 months subscription
  3. Only applicable for a registered company in Malaysia
  4. Normal IDD rates apply
  5. Free installation within Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor
  6. Blocksize: 30 secs

* Prices are subject to 6% SST
* Contact Us for more information