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PBX Office Gold Package

PBX Office Gold Package

Now Selling: RM6588

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Below this page, we have provided typically asked questions for new S100 IP PBX setup.

Package Description

  • 1 unit of S100 IP-PBX (2 FXO, 100 Extensions, 30 concurrent calls, Voice Recording)
  • 1 Year warranty on Yeastar PBX products
  • 2 units of  Yealink T21P E2
  • 10 units of Yealink T19P E2
  • Price includes Installation setup fee (Klang Valley, JB & Penang Only) + 1 session Admin Training
  • Free AlienTalk RM200
  • Total Saving RM660
  • Basic PBX Configuration (Inbound Ring all, Basic IVR, Extensions, VoIP trunk)

  • 2 units of  Yealink T21/T21P E2
  • 10 units of Yealink T19/T19P E2
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    Special Add on: (5% discount for all items below)

    Item Description Price
    Yeastar O2 Module
    Terminate 2 PSTN lines RM299
    Yeastar EX08
    Support 4 O2 or 8 FXO interface RM369
    Yeastar EX30 E1
    1 E1 interface RM2699
    Yeastar D30 DSP
    Upgrade module to increase 30 con calls & 100 ext RM1099
    8 Port PoE Switch RM349
    Yealink T19P E2
    Yealink T21P E2
    HION FOR600 Headset RM149
    Maintenance 50% discount
    Advance PBX Advance PBX setup (IVR, Time, Remote Ext, etc) RM300
    External HDD 1TB

    * Cannot add-on more than 20 phones
    * No PSU included for Yealink phones. Each Yealink PSU costs RM20/unit

    To Add on other IP Phones:
    Please view our complete PBX Product Catalogue

    File Title Action
    MyPBX U100 Bundle Download
    MyPBX U100 Datasheet Download
    Yealink Entry Level IP Phone SIP T19P Datasheet Download
    Yealink Entry Level IP Phone SIP T21P Datasheet Download

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    VoIP calling rate starts from:

    • Malaysia Fix @ RM0.08/min
    • Malaysia Mobile @ RM0.10/min
    • With AlienTalk Prepaid package

    U100 IP PBX vs U200 IP PBX

    Office PBXU100 IP-PBX supports:

    • Supports 2 FXO
    • 100 extensions
    • Call recording
    • Up to 15 concurrent calls

    Office PBX

    U200 IP-PBX supports:

    • Supports 2 FXO
    • 200 extensions
    • Call recording
    • Up to 30 concurrent calls

    Typical Questions for New IP-PBX Setup

    Below are some regular questions you may need to find out. You may request your IT department to provide you further details.

    If you require additional services that is not included in our IP PBX Bundle, please contact us and our representatives will be glad to help you.

    1. Do you have IT specialist in your company?
    2. Where is your office located?
    3. What is your subscribed internet plan? (eg: Unifi 5Mbps)
    4. How many network devices is available in your office? Is it a heavy usage internal network?
    5. Are you using IDS/IPS/Firewall in your office? (If yes, please name it.)
    6. How many phone extensions do you wish to have?