VoIP Provider

IP PBX and VoIP Expert Engineer

VoIP and IP-PBX Expert Engineer

PBX was started in 2007, the founder of MobiWeb Sdn Bhd was the core designer for VoIP servers and VoIP billing engine. Over these few years, we see the product grow and our organization expands.

Our expert VoIP engineer has built some of the most remarkable VoIP clients, servers and solutions with more than RM2 million invested in developing and improving VoIP services.

Our expertise includes

We are not only good with setting up and building VOIP servers, but we also developed various VoIP client solution using

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • J2ME
  • Android

If you need to contact our expert VoIP team, you can fill in the contact us form or call us. Some of our products are available online and some of our product is sold to corporates.

Do contact us if you need more information!