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Key-Phone System PBX

A typical keyphone system/PBX consists of a PABX server/ key phone server, multiple phones, or extensions inside the company and phone lines directly from providers. Typically these telephone line comes from Telekom Malaysia (or any telecommunication service provider in any country).

The use of the keyphone system/PBX system is to enable intercom within the company, share outgoing phone lines, thus save a lot of telecommunication costs.

Key-Phone System PBX Function:

  1. When anyone calls, it sends voice from phone (1) to TM (2), the TM (2) determine that this is your call and route to your number.
  2. Your PBX/ keyphone system (3) will pick up the ring. The PBX/keyphone system will then answer the call via IVR (interactive voice response) asking the destination extension or pass the calls to the direct extensions (4).
  3. If the extension1 (5) found that the calls are not looking for him/her, he may pass the line to extension2 (6) and this goes on daily.

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